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Tribe of Dan

The Lost Tribe of Dan is the modern Netherlands and all other affiliated countries.

Key Prophecies

Jacob's pronouncement over Dan is that he would be the Judge of his brothers:

Genesis 49:16
16Dan will judge his people as if the tribes of Israel were 1.

This is fulfilled in the modern Netherlands with several key international courts.

These courts and court related agencies fulfill the promise to Dan that he would be the judge of his brothers, the judge of nations.

Key Stories

Dan had a great deal of difficulty taking his own land at the conquest of Canaan during the time of the Judges. The story unfolds that he eventually took the sea coast town.

This tribe is one of the smallest of the European nations and that size reflect's Dan's inability to conquer territory. It was easier to conquer the sea than it was to conquer the land.

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Map of the Netherlands International Court Of Justice