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Tribe of Judah

The Lost Tribe of Judah is modern Russia and all other affiliated countries.

Note that in the Bible there are 2 sons of Jacob who are in perpetual competion with each other. These are Judah and Joseph.

They have different mothers, and would eventually end up leading the 2 parts of the split kingdom of ancient Israel.

Those 2 parts of the kingdom, the mount of Olives splitting in history into north and south, eventually went east and west. The southern kingdom of ancient Israel, lead by Judah, went east, forming the Soviet Block, and the northern kingdom of ancient Israel, lead by Joseph, went west.

This split in the 2 parts of David's ancient kingdom has thus been seen across most of recorded history and also maps to the east and west split in the Roman empire. The Tzars in Russia likened themselves to Ceasar, and the Russian word Tzar is simply an odd pronounciation on the word Ceasar.

Understanding this background explains the general situation in the world, but there is the issue of specific blessings given over Judah.

Jacob's Blessing

Jacob's pronouncement over Judah:

Genesis 49:8-12
8Judah, your brothers will praise you; your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; your father's sons will bow down before you.
9Judah is a lion's whelp; from the prey, my son, you are gone up; he stooped down, he crouched as a lion, and as a young lion; who will rouse him up?
10The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until the coming of the one to whom the scepter belongs, to whom the nations will look forward.
11He will tie up his foal to the vine, and his donkey's colt to a branch; he will bleach his garments with wine, and his robe with the juices of the grape;
12his eyes will be radiant with wine, and his teeth white with milk?

This blessing is often linked by Christians to Jesus, as Jesus was descended from David, himself from the tribe of Judah. This blessing appears to go deeper, and has fulfilled in at least 2 key ways in the modern era.

The first is the general nature of the Russian empire, formed by military conquest of lands surrounding Russia. The kingdom implied in Jacob's blessing.

The second, and perhaps more interesting application, is the United Nations. The general structure of the United Nations follows the structure of Soviet governments. To reflect that pattern, the general iconography of the United Nations also follows traditional Soviet types and patterns.

This is no accident, the United Nations is the government that if Jesus came back today he would take the reigns of... It is Judah's government, the one being prepared for Jesus to take control of.

Blind Eyes

Judah was the prominent son of Leah. Leah had bad eyes, and that seems to be reflective of an inability to see what God is doing. There is a history of religious persecution across Russia and that history appears to be hinted at in the way Judah could not correctly handle Tamar. Tamar is also interesting, as the name is associated in scripture with the richly ornamented robe and the story in Genesis of Judah's dealing with Tamar is a prophetic story of Russia dealing with the English speaking west. In general Judah wants to stone and burn Tamar, but eventually relents.

Christianization of Russia

The millennial reign of Christ is intricately interwoven into the Christianization of Russia. Around the year 990 the Russian peoples converted to Christianity. I've written up a separate article with an extensive explanation of this key event in world history. For 1000 years Christ has reigned in the land of Gog and Magog...

This was the key headline around the year 1000. Many thought Jesus would return around the first millennium from his first visit 2000 years ago. The miracle was the general conversion of nations across Europe to Christianity, and Russia was one of the last.


Peter is the disciple to Judah, modern Russia, and this is seen in many place names in Russia. St. Petersburg, though nominally named for Tzar Peter... is a prophetic match to the Apostle to Russia...

Countries within Judah

Several countries outside of the traditional Soviet Empire are included here. These countries are included for various reasons, primarily because Russian communism was imported into these countries.

Communism is commonly referred to in the Bible as the slavery associated with Judah. His jealously of the situation of others overtakes him economically and he ends up enslaving even his own people, to their collective shame, and economic calamity. China and Mongolia are listed because they adopted Soviet style communism.

At the Judah seal date of 1612, power is being consolidated in China by Nurhaci, which supports this claim and adds support for a wider tribal alignment, including Korea and Japan. There is also widespread enslavement of average Chinese, a match to Judah and a forerunner to modern Communism.

Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are listed here as part of Judah. These nations share the same Slavic language family with Russia, which is the basis for this match. Note that Poland, in particular, is Catholic, a distinct departure from the rest of Judah which is Russian Orthodox.