The Lost Tribe of Benjamin

The Lost Tribe of Benjamin is modern Israel.

Seal Date Identification

This is the last of the seal dates and is the closest to our modern era. The following is the date in question:

Benjamin's Seal Date
Fri12964-12-23 AA18 Jan 1974 NS5 Jan 2727 AUC4729223 AAN
3464-12-23 FE5 Jan 1973 OS5 Jan 1974 AD2442066 JDN

This is the date that Israel and Egypt signed the Disengagement of Forces agreement that ended the fighting in the Yom Kippor War. It was signed in a tent along the side of a road on the far outskirts of Cairo. The document itself provided for many things, including the withdrawal of Israeli troops back across the Suez canal and it allowed for the reopening of that canal.

As Egypt is likely to be Egypt in the prophetic language of the Bible (there likely also being a prophetic Egypt not related) the nation that is identified as a tribe of ancient Israel is the Tribe of Benjamin.

The tribe is identified using Benjamin's Seal Date, the Disengagement of Forces agreement signed at Kilometer Post 101 outside Cairo in January 1974. This document effectively ended the fighting between modern Israel and Egypt.

Since Egypt is not lost, the other signer of the document is the lost tribe of Benjamin.

Ad Hoc Identification

Benjamin was the youngest of the Patriarchs. His mother died when she was giving birth to him. He was originally named Son of my Trouble.

Jacob's Blessing

Jacob's blessing is not a particularly strong blessing:

27Benjamin is a plundering wolf; in the morning he will devour the prey, and in the evening he will divide the spoil. Genesis 49:27

The time references are likely mapping to this age especially the 7 times time intervals that reach into the modern era. The plunder is likely the land won in Israel's war of independence. In general, this was in effect a spoil of war from World War II.

That land recovery had political support in Europe only because of the deaths to Jews that happened in World War II. The world's collective memory of that event was quickly lost, and essentially all United Nations resolutions since that time have been hostile to Israel and her interests.


In Bible history the tribe of Benjamin was reduced to 600 fighting men with no wives, the first documented Holocaust. This war was lead by Judah, what turns out to be modern Russia. It may precursor a final Russian lead attack on Israel as many expect, though recent timeline work mitigates against this idea.

The modern nation of Israel was birthed in a prophetic replay of that first Holocaust, a prophetic match to the death of his mother, the death and destruction of World War II.

World War II itself was an exact, timed, prophetic replay of Jesus' crucifixion, and his burial in the tomb is also a direct prophetic match to the formation of the modern nation of Israel. There are considerable New Testament hints that the conversion of modern Israel to some form of Christianity (though probably like nothing practiced anywhere else in the world) will foretell the general Resurrection of the Dead at the end of the age. Jesus coming out of the tomb, alive, times the same event, and it limits the total national life length of modern Israel to under 90 years before their national conversion and the Resurrection.


A common misconception regarding modern Israel is that this little modern nation is all of ancient Israel. This misconception disregards the specific pronouncements of Moses over the Israelites that they would increase by 1000 fold. That increase leaves a modern total population figures for the entire set of lost tribes at something over 2,000,000,000, thats over 2 billion people. Modern Israel is too small to qualify as the same group of people as ancient Israel in its entirety because of this population difference.

The misconception that modern Israel is all of ancient Israel also disregards the promise to Abraham that his offspring would inherit the entire planet. Modern Israel is only a small fraction of the Lost Tribes as it does not possess the planet itself, the rest of the tribes mostly do possess the planet.

Additionally, the promise to David that there would always be a descendant of his ruling over at least a part of Israel is not currently fulfilled in modern Israel as there is no monarchy. (A European monarch is probably fulfilling this promise.)

Additionally, all of the other Lost Tribes had a national conversion to Christianity by the year 1000 AD, some much earlier. The forms of expression of that Christianity varies considerably across countries, and across the centuries, and to modern evangelicals barely looks like Biblical Christianity. But, what is a national conversion to look like? The religion supplanted by Christianity was various forms of paganism. Modern Israel is the only lost tribe not to have accepted Jesus as the Messiah at a national level in the past 2000 years. This lack of conversion is hinted at in various scriptures dealing with Benjamin and the Jews.

This lack of national conversion was in part so that the knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures would not be lost through time. One part of Benjamin's redemptive call was to be the keepers of the Hebrew Scrolls. Indeed, even the switch of Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday by the Christian world alone can be shown in scripture to have happened in order to preserve both branches of covenant people.

This lack of national conversion to Christianity in some form is also considered by the Bible as a national fault. In the disciple-to-tribe maps the disciple to the tribe of Benjamin is listed as Judas, the betrayer. Most public Jewish discourse betrays Jesus, as did Judas. No Messianic Jew, professing Jesus and yet retaining Jewish customs, is allowed to immigrate to Israel under the standard Law of Return.

Another common misconception is the idea that the church replaces the Jews in the covenants. This is also folly, but correctly understanding the problem requires a correct understanding of who the Lost Tribes are, and how God fulfilled the promise to Abraham. God did not ignore the other Patriarchs nor did he ignore Benjamin.

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Extent of Benjamin

Extent of Benjamin


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