The Lost Tribe of Levi

The Lost Tribe of Levi is modern Switzerland and all affiliated countries. Primarily the affiliated countries are city-states.

Seal Date Identification

The following is the auditable date report:

Levi's Seal Date
Thu12833-05-23 AA18 Aug 1842 NS6 Aug 2595 AUC4681223 AAN
3333-05-23 FE6 Aug 1842 OS6 Aug 1842 AD2394066 JDN

The Levi Seal Date, in 1842, identifies nearly to the day the Treaty of Nanking.

This treaty is wide afield from normal Seal Date treaties, but the subject of the treaty is Britain establishing 5 autonomous city-states in China including the most famous, Hong Kong.

This makes great sense because Levi was to be scattered into city states, cities-of-refuge really, across ancient Israel. Hong Kong, especially, would remain a city of refuge for people fleeing mainland China for 150 years.

By so clearly matching a treating involving China, it helps establish the idea that the ancient Biblical peoples were simply to inherit the entire planet. Biblical city-states in China, essentially the "end of the world" from Europe, implies strongly that China is also considered a Biblical country that is inherited by Abraham.

A complete treatment of this subject of city-states is still to be done, but the idea here is that most key city-states across the world are likely under the tribe of Levi.

Interesting examples in North America include Washington DC and perhaps Hawaii which was also undergoing governmental changes at the Seal Date time.

The Vatican City is another example stand-alone city-state that is likely under the umbrella of Levi. The Vatican is the only widely accepted place where someone daily praises God as proscribed in the Bible.

Background on the Swiss

A decree issued in one of the cantons of Switzerland in the early 1840s called for the confiscation of all Catholic held lands. This included the farm lands around monasteries. Feuding took place between the various Cantons over this issue leading to widespread civil war.

Civil War in Switzerland lasted the better part of the 1840s. At the end of the war, in 1848, the current constitution of Switzerland, modeled after that of the United States, was signed, forming the modern nation as we know it.

On March 3, 2002, the day-for-a-year time line replayed the year teachers (ie: Levites) were sent out into the peoples. This date saw passage of a referendum in Switzerland that allowed the Swiss to become the 190th member of the United Nations. The Levites had gone out and joined their brothers, ending their long period of isolation.

Ad Hoc Identification

Levi is perhaps the easiest modern nation to identify, it retains a legal name that matches her ancient tribe.

Switzerland's legal name is the Confederation of the Helvetti.

The last term in the name is a Helenized form of the root word "Lvetti." That word, in turn, is simply a respelling of the voweless Hebrew name LVT, or LeViTe.

Also curious, in Hebrew, the H prefix means "the."

To play with the name, Switzerland is thus, the "Confederation of the-the Levites."

Prophetic Matches

There are many unique characteristics of the modern Swiss people that match specific features of the tribe of Levi given in the Bible.

The Levites were the keepers of the Tabernacle, and later the Temple in Jerusalem. That duty appears to continue as the Swiss Guards stand watch at the Vatican, and have various ceremonial functions in the same.

The Levites were not to be counted in regular census counts because those counts were really military role calls, and the Levites were not to participate in ancient Israel's wars. Though a civil war marks the general time of the Levite seal date, the country has maintained a neutral stance even through 2 major world wars fought around all of her borders.

The Levites were centrally located in the camp layout as the ancient Israelites traveled around in the wilderness. Note how the flag is a map of the same camp arrangement that Yahvah prescribed to the Israelites through Moses.

The Levites were also supported through tithing, also called tax collecting in the Bible. The Swiss are known for their banking industry, a degenerate form of tithe collecting.

The Levites also had time-based functions in the ancient Israelite community and that function appears to be reflected in the traditional clock-making industry located in Switzerland.

The Levites were also responsible for many of the governmental functions of ancient Israel. The modern equivalent is an extensive set of United Nations offices located in Geneva. The symbol for government given in the Bible is mountain and its various synonyms. This includes island, hill, rock and so on. The location of Switzerland in the Swiss Alps is a match to this function as keepers of the government functions.

Jacob's Blessing

Jacob's blessing over Levi is paired with Simeon and reads more like a curse:

5Simeon and Levi are brothers; instruments of anger are in their nature. 6I never agreed to their counsels nor did I lower myself to sit in their assembly, for in their anger they slew men and in their pleasure they hamstrung oxen. 7Cursed be their anger for it is raging, and their wrath for it is fierce; I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel. Genesis 49:5-7

Like most other countries in Europe, Switzerland had its share of immigrants. But, unlike nearly every other European nation, there are essentially no colonies. All of her immigrants ended up hidden inside other countries.

In general the editorial on the Levites, especially, is quite harsh in the Bible. This pronouncement over Levi is consistent with many other scriptures.

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