The Lost Tribe of Reuben

The Lost Tribe of Reuben is the modern Nordic Countries.

Seal Date Identification

Reuben is the second named tribe in the Revelation 7 list. Each tribe seals a document 12,000 days from the previous tribe. This is the 3rd document so signed. The following is the Date Report:

Reuben's Seal Date
Sat12635-13-23 AA1 Jul 1645 NS21 Jun 2398 AUC4609223 AAN
3135-13-23 FE21 Jun 1645 OS21 Jun 1645 AD2322066 JDN

The document in question is the Second Treaty of Brömsebro. Negotiations were started in February of 1645. The document was finally signed on August 13, 1645.

This treaty was between Norway and Sweden, and like other treaties is within the lost tribe of Reuben, identifying both parties as parts of the Lost Tribe of Reuben.

The treaty ceded territory, (in yellow below) from Norway to Sweden. The territory in red was ceded for 30 years as a guarantee.

Map of Scandinavia, 1645 Photo credit: Kasper Holl cc-by-sa-3.0

This treaty was followed in 1658 by the Treaty of Roskilde and again in 1660 by the Treaty of Copenhagen, which continued to redraw the borders within Scandinavia.

The people group identified here are the historical vikings. This also includes Iceland and Greenland.

Ad Hoc Identification

Reuben was the biological first born son of Jacob.

By rights he should have received the double-portion of land inheritance due the firstborn son. This did not happen because he defiled his father's bed. The account is mentioned when Jacob gives his end-times prophecies over each son:

3Reuben you are my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, and the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power. 4You went astray like water, you will not surpass others because you went up to your father's bed; truly you have defiled my bed by going up into it. Genesis 49:3-4

The idea of "defiling the father's bed" shows up in an important historical footnote. The Viking raiders, made Christian monasteries a common target of their raiding.

In the days before universities, monasteries were the place where God the Father reproduced in the world. The Vikings, the lost tribe of Reuben, in effect continued to defile the Father's bed for a very long time after the original Genesis account. This quality is a signature attribute of the tribe, and not just a fleeting footnote about Reuben himself.

The birthright land, the prize, was North America, and though the Vikings are widely regarded as being the first Europeans to visit the upper east coast of North America, it was not the Vikings who eventually settled, but the English, the lost tribe of Joseph, instead.

Modern Map

Nordic Countries

International Organization

The most prominent international organization is the awarding of Nobel Prizes. This is done by various committees. Awards have been given to people from around the world. The following maps the various countries where people have received awards.

Nobel Prizes by Country

Extent of Reuben

The Lost Tribe of Reuben includes several other modern nations. The following estimates the extent of the Lost Tribe of Reuben in the world today.

Three countries at the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea are also listed here as part of Reuben. Those countries are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Estonian language is closely related to Finnish, part of the core countries of Reuben, so is easily included.

Latvia and Lithuania are more culturally distinct than Estonia, but both were overrun by the Swedish during the Northern Wars, at roughly the time of the seal for Reuben. For this reason they belong as part of Reuben in a tribal sense even with their distinct tribal history.

The modern desire to be separate from the Soviet spheres of influence, to be separate from Judah, is yet another reason why these 3 Baltic countries should be considered part of Reuben.

Extent of Reuben


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Faroe Islands
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