The Lost Tribe of Zebulun

The Lost Tribe of Zebulun is modern Greece.

Seal Date Identification

The following is the Auditable Date Report:

Zebulun's Seal Date
Mon12899-03-23 AA4 May 1908 NS21 Apr 2661 AUC4705223 AAN
3399-03-23 FE21 Apr 1908 OS21 Apr 1908 AD2418066 JDN

Greece and Crete formed an alliance. They become the Zebulun haven for ships.

The seal date in 1908 marks a treaty of union between Greece and Cyprus, so Cyprus is in this group as well. Greek is an official language of Cyprus.

Ad Hoc Identification

Jacob's Blessing

Jacob's prophecy over Zebulun is that he will be a haven for ships:

13Zebulun will live at the shore of the seas and he will be a haven for ships, and his border will extend as far as Sidon. Genesis 49:13

Greece is a nation of islands, a haven for ships. Shipping remains a major industry for Greece.

International Organization

International Olympic Committee.

Extent of Zebulun

Extent of Zebulun


Flag of Greece
Flag of Cyprus

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