Tribe Of Levi

The following articles deal with the tribe of Levi.

  • Levi By Modern Name

    Levi is perhaps the easiest modern nation to identify, it retains a legal name that matches her ancient tribe. (216 words)

  • Levi By Signs

    This article explains how to identify the lost tribe of Levi using signs. This includes the Swiss Guards, national neutrality and traditional industries like clock making. (909 words)

  • Levi By Seal Date

    This article explores the issue of identifying Levi by seal date. The national document identifies 5 city states in China including Hong King as city states matched to Levi. The rest of the clues point at Switzerland. (908 words)

  • Levi Maps

    This article explores the extent of the lost tribe of Levi. (129 words)

  • Bank of International Settlements

    The Bank of International Settlements is at least 1 of Levi's international organizations. (366 words)

  • Inter-Parliamentary Union

    The Inter-Parliamentary Union is at least 1 of Levi's international organizations. (203 words)

  • World Economic Forum

    The World Economic Forum is yet another of Levi's international organizations. This one not so friendly. (526 words)