Tribe Of Judah

The follow articles deal with the Tribe of Judah.

  • Judah Seal Date

    Using the Judah seal date, the Lost Tribe of Judah can be identified as modern Russia. (637 words)

  • Judah By Signs

    This article explores how to identify the Lost Tribe of Judah using signs. The first is by understanding Roman history. The second is by looking at Jacob's blessings over Judah. (1,044 words)

  • Christianity In Russia 1000 Years

    Understanding Russia's history with Christianity is important to understanding her prophetic place in future history. Her conversion to Christianity was dated and that date patterns the fall of the USSR in 1991. English readers, especially have no idea of this bit of Russian history. (1,078 words)

  • The Primary Russian Chronicle

    The following is a translation and excerpt from the Primary Russian Chronicle. It tells the story of the conversion of the Russian peoples to Christianity around the year 1000. (2,967 words)

  • Map Of Judah

    The follow shows the modern extent of the tribe of Judah. (353 words)

  • Commonwealth of Independent States

    The Tribe of Judah currently hosts the Commonwealth of Independent States. Formerly it hosted the Communist International which was the mother organization for most communist organizations around the world. (182 words)