The purpose of this website is to explain the modern identities of the lost tribes of ancient Israel. Our intent is to use an evidence based approach. This includes using mathematics for time based identification. It also means using careful Bible studies that grid the tribes in various ways.

Theme Verse

Jacob, to the 12 tribes scattered among the peoples, greetings. (Jas 1:1)

Notes On Icon

Our projects usually use some letter of the Latin or Paleo alphabets as the icon.

Bible Tribes is unique in that it uses the flag of Switzerland as the icon.
Icon for Bible Tribes

The reason we are doing this is because the center of the tribal arrangement coming out of Egypt had the tribe of Levi in the center. They carried the ark and tabernacle items. It was the center of the tribes.

This website is our place at the center of the lost tribes story. So use of that flag as an icon makes sense.


This website is one of a family of websites. The hub for all our our projects is Paleo.In.

Our current work there is to recover the letter perfect manuscript of the Bible. To do that we are recovering the Tabernacle items that made up David's fallen tent. See Acts 15 for details.