Tribe Of Zebulun

The following articles deal with the tribe of Zebulun.

  • Zebulun By Seal Date

    Using the Zebulun seal date, the lost tribe of Zebulun can be identified as the modern nation of Greece. This article explores. (515 words)

  • Zebulun By Signs

    This article explores how to identify the lost tribe of Zebulun using signs. This is done primarily through Jacob's blessing where he indicates Zebulun will be a haven for ships. (305 words)

  • Zebulun Maps

    The lost tribe of Zebulun is relatively small, and includes only 2 modern nations. (116 words)

  • International Olympic Committee

    The lost tribe of Zebulun counts the International Olympic Committee as its international organization. The games having origin in ancient Greece. (362 words)