Tribe Of Asher

The following articles deal with the tribe of Asher.

  • Asher By Seal Date

    Identifying the Lost Tribe of Asher using Asher's Seal Date. The Lost Tribe of Asher is modern Austria and all other affiliated countries. (236 words)

  • Asher By Signs

    There are two subtle ways identify Asher in the modern world. The first is by name. The second is by looking for oil. This article explores. (470 words)

  • Asher Maps

    The extent of Asher in the world is fairly limited. Though the Habsburgs controlled much of Europe in history, the remaining nations that link to Asher is limited. This article explores. (347 words)

  • Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries

    Asher's main international organization is OPEC. Based in Vienna, Austria. It exports a significant portion of the oil used in the world. (209 words)