Gad By Seal Date

Identifying the Lost Tribe of Gad using Gad's Seal Date. Gad is the modern nations of Spain, Portugal and Italy, as well as their colonies.

Seal Date Identification

The following is the auditable date report for the seal date for Gad.

Gad's Seal Date
Mon12668-11-23 AA9 May 1678 NS29 Apr 2431 AUC4621223 AAN
3168-11-23 FE29 Apr 1678 OS29 Apr 1678 AD2334066 JDN

The Treaty of Nijmegen forms the seal date document for Gad, and identifies Gad as Spain.

Curiously, on the exact seal date, a French fleet is sunk by Dutch ships in the Caribbean, which is generally Gad's territory.