Issachar By Seal

This article explains how to find the lost tribe of Issachar using a seal date. Using this strategy, the former nation of Yugoslavia is identified.

Seal Date Identification

Recall that the strategy followed here is to find a document signing date derived from a schedule formed by the tribe list of Revelation 7.

Using that strategy the date for an Issachar document is given in the following report.

Issachar's Seal Date
Sat12866-03-23 AA26 Jun 1875 NS14 Jun 2628 AUC4693223 AAN
3366-03-23 FE14 Jun 1875 OS14 Jun 1875 AD2406066 JDN

Balkan Crisis

The Balkan Crisis is also known as the Great Eastern Crisis of 1875-1878, or the Bosnia-Hercegovina Uprising of 1875-1878.

Here is a quote that captures the events that start the uprising.

The immediate cause of the uprising was an increase in the tithe exacted from the population. The insurrection began on July 5, 1875, near Nevesinje. By August nearly all of Hercegovina had been seized by revolt and the number of insurgents had reached 10,000-12,000. Rebellion also broke out in Bosnia in August.

The insurgents achieved substantial military successes. They blockaded a number of large cities and Turkish fortresses in Hercegovina and Bosnia. A major role in organizing the rebellion in northern and northwestern Bosnia was played by the Chief Committee for the Bosnian Liberation Uprising established in Nova-Gradiska in October 1875.

The uprising aroused great sympathy on the part of the public throughout the South Slav lands, in Russia, and elsewhere. Expressions of sympathy and support took the form of material and financial aid from several countries, and numerous volunteers arrived from Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Italy. Among the Russian volunteers were members of the revolutionary democratic intelligentsia.

Source: Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979)

Wikipedia cites sources that place the start of the revolt in the town of Gabela on 19 June 1875.

We do not have the exact date of the tax decree itself, being local law within the Turkish empire. That tax decree would be the actual seal date document. In this case a document that triggers international recognition 3 years later.

Others on this subject indicate there had been a nearly complete crop failure in the spring of 1875 across the Balkans. So the increase in taxes was taken as an insult and caused the farmers to 'raise of the flag of war' against their oppressors. A flag is also a seal in the Revelation 7 sense, so we will take the start of hostilities as the missing seal.


War broke out and raged for about 3 years. This included a war between Russia and Turkey. It also involved Austria.


The Congress of Berlin met in 1878 to reorganize the countries of the Balkans following the Russo-Turkish war. This period of chaos ended with the Treaty of Berlin. It was signed on 13 July 1878.

Nations involved in this treaty included Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. These nations form the lost tribe of Issachar.

For much of the 1900s this was known as Yugoslavia which translates as South Slavia.

Nations that make up this tribe are characterized by their sharing what is called a South Slavic Language.

This strange seal date, where the full treaty is signed after a war that starts on the seal date can be better understood when we look at Jacob's blessing over Issachar. We turn to that next.