Judah Seal Date

Using the Judah seal date, the Lost Tribe of Judah can be identified as modern Russia.

Seal Date Identification

Judah's seal date is the first in the list as recorded in Revelation chapter 7. The following is the report on this particular seal date:

Judah's Seal Date
Thu12603-01-23 AA23 Aug 1612 NS13 Aug 2365 AUC4597223 AAN
3103-01-23 FE13 Aug 1612 OS13 Aug 1612 AD2310066 JDN

Zemsky Sobor

Each date like this indicates the signing of some sort of document important in her national history.

Carefully note the date given in the previous report. The Russians would not convert their calendar system from the Old Style Julian system used since the time of Jesus to the New Style Gregorian system until the time of the Communist Revolution in the early 1900s. But, in 1700 they did change New Years Day from March 25 to January 1.

In September of 1612 the Russians repelled a Polish invasion in a battle known as the Battle of Moscow. The same pattern, of the Russians repelling a foreign invasion, would happen again many more times.

After victory against the Poles, the Russians held a Zemsky Sobor (A Grand National Assembly) where they elected a new throne, called the House of Romanov, which would take office in 1613. That house remained in power until the Communist Revolution roughly 300 years later.

That meeting and election would be comparable to a Constitutional Convention in the United States... Forming as it did a dynasty that lasted 300 years.

The invitations to that Zemsky Sobor appear to be the document that most directly times to this expected prophetic date.


When I was working out the identification of the Lost Tribe of Judah I had a great deal of trouble with finding the 1612 documents. The problem was knowing where to look.

The Biblical name "Judah" is the root for the word Jude, which is normally translated Jew in English.

Because of my church upbringing I thought I was looking for a nation that had something to do with Jews.

Modern Israel is of course Jewish, but it did not exist at this seal date in 1612. I spent a great deal of time reading through Jewish History attempting to find some place where Jews were active in a way that would trigger this seal date.

Brazil was the best candidate in this era, but it was not satisfying.

Modern Israel will turn out to be a different tribe, the tribe of Benjamin. As a group they have taken the tribal name Jude and used it as the name of their religion. This makes some sense as the temple at Jerusalem was both a capital building and the center of a religion. But, this distinction is not well understood or taught in American church circles.

Once I had given up on my church training, I worked out the sign based identification for this tribe which quickly led to finding the documents mentioned above. We turn to that sign based identification of Judah next.