Naphtali Seal Date

Using the Naphtali seal date, the Lost Tribe of Naphtali can be identified as modern Germany.

Seal Date Identification

The following is the auditable date report for Naphtali:

Naphtali's Seal Date
Fri12734-09-23 AA24 Jan 1744 NS13 Jan 2497 AUC4645223 AAN
3234-09-23 FE13 Jan 1743 OS13 Jan 1744 AD2358066 JDN

Formation of Germany

Germany was one of the last major European countries for form into something resembling a modern nation.

There was a series of smaller kingdoms all sharing various dialects of the German language. These existed with independent rulers. This meant they were weak and could not defend themselves against hegemony from neighboring empires.

At this particular date a pair of treaties had been recently signed that enlarged the territory of Prussia by about one third. Prussia was now becoming a Great Power.

Both of the treaties in question were signed in Berlin, the future capital of the modern nation state. War broke out again and there was a 3rd treaty, signed at Dresden late in 1745.

These wars and treaties are surrounding, but not exactly hitting the indicated prophetic date, as normally happens.

Treaty of Treaty of Breslau

The Treaty of Breslau was the first of this pair of treaties. Signed on 11 June 1742, was preliminary.

Treaty of Berlin

The Treaty of Berlin was a formal peace treaty. Signed on 28 July 1742. It formally ended the First Silesian War

Treaty of Dresden

The Treaty of Dresden was yet another formal peace treaty. Signed on 25 December 1745, it ended the Second Silesian War

All together these wars and treaties were starting to form modern Germany out of various Germanic speaking territories. These wars continued into the 1800s.

Germany's problems with encroachment from external powers could also be used to explain the World Wars in the 1900s too. A problem that just does not go away.