Reuben Map

The Lost Tribe of Reuben includes several nations. The following shows the extent of Reuben in the world today.

Modern Map

Map of Nordic Countries
Nordic Countries

Extent of Reuben

The Lost Tribe of Reuben includes several other modern nations. The following estimates the extent of the Lost Tribe of Reuben in the world today.

Three countries at the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea are also listed here as part of Reuben. Those countries are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Estonian language is closely related to Finnish, part of the core countries of Reuben, so is easily included.

Latvia and Lithuania are more culturally distinct than Estonia, but both were overrun by the Swedish during the Northern Wars, at roughly the time of the seal for Reuben. For this reason they belong as part of Reuben in a tribal sense even with their distinct tribal history.

The modern desire to be separate from the Soviet spheres of influence, to be separate from Judah, is yet another reason why these 3 Baltic countries should be considered part of Reuben.

Map of Reuben
Extent of Reuben


Flag of Norway
Flag of Sweden
Flag of Åland
Flag of Finland
Flag of Estonia
Flag of Latvia
Flag of Lithuania
Flag of Denmark
Flag of Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands
Flag of Iceland
Flag of Greenland