Asher By Seal Date

Identifying the Lost Tribe of Asher using Asher's Seal Date. The Lost Tribe of Asher is modern Austria and all other affiliated countries.

Seal Date Identification

The following is the auditable date report:

Asher's Seal Date
Wed12701-09-23 AA18 Mar 1711 NS7 Mar 2464 AUC4633223 AAN
3201-09-23 FE7 Mar 1710 OS7 Mar 1711 AD2346066 JDN

House of Habsburg

The house of Habsburg was located in Vienna, Austria, from 1278 through 1918. At one point it was the most powerful empire in Europe.

Starting in 1703 a group in Hungary attempted to break free from Habsburg rule. For 8 years a war was fought to that end.

Then on 29 April 1711 the Treaty of Szatmár was signed ending the war. The Habsburgs retained control of Hungary.

This helped to solidify the Austria Hungarian empire. The entire empire should be considered the Lost Tribe of Asher.