Asher Maps

The extent of Asher in the world is fairly limited. Though the Habsburgs controlled much of Europe in history, the remaining nations that link to Asher is limited. This article explores.

Extent of Asher

Romania and Moldova share a common language which is a Romance language, derived from regional dialects of Roman, from the era of the Roman Empire's occupation of the region. These 2 countries are thus strongly associated with the western branches of the Roman Empire, not the eastern branches and Russia. For this reason they do not belong in the Judah sphere. This language difference also keeps these countries from being listed under Issachar, the other nearby tribe.

These 2 countries were autonomous parts of the Kingdom of Hungary, which is 1/2 of the seal-date identified countries that make up the lost tribe of Asher. So they are included here as parts of the lost tribe of Asher.

Note that the Czech Republic and Slovakia are candidates for Asher, but those countries speak a Slavic family language with a strong affinity to Judah, so they are included in the Judah grid.

Map of Asher
Extent of Asher


Asher did not run extensive colonies, having been mostly land locked in Austria. The following nations are reasonably part of Asher.

Flag of Austria
Flag of Hungary
Flag of Romania
Flag of Moldova