Benjamin By Seal Date

Using the Benjamin seal date the lost tribe of Benjamin can be identified as the modern nation of Israel. This article explores.

Seal Date Identification

This is the last of the seal dates and is the closest to our modern era. The following is the date in question:

Benjamin's Seal Date
Fri12964-12-23 AA18 Jan 1974 NS5 Jan 2727 AUC4729223 AAN
3464-12-23 FE5 Jan 1973 OS5 Jan 1974 AD2442066 JDN

End of Yom Kippur War

This is the date that Israel and Egypt signed the Disengagement of Forces Agreement that ended the fighting in the Yom Kippur War.

It was signed in a tent at kilometer post 101 along the side of a road on the far outskirts of Cairo. The document itself provided for many things, including the withdrawal of Israeli troops back across the Suez canal and it allowed for the reopening of that canal.

Modern Israel was the victor in this war and this document is identifying lost tribe of Benjamin as modern Israel.