Dan Maps

The Lost Tribe of Dan includes several other modern nations. The following estimates the extent of the Lost Tribe of Dan in the world today.

Modern Map

The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are a group of small countries located in north west Europe. It includes historic lands as well as lands reclaimed from the sea. The Netherlands is the country involved in the seal date documents.

Map of Netherlands
Map of the Netherlands
Image credit: Alphathon cc-by-sa-3.0

Colonial Extent of Dan

Dan spread out around the world with a limited colonial empire. This impacts language, culture and legal heritage in former colonies.

Map of Dan
Extent of Dan


Flags in Europe.

Flag of Netherlands
Flag of Belgium
Flag of Luxembourg


Flags in Asia.

Flag of Indonesia

North America

Flags in North America.

Flag of Netherlands Antilles
Netherland Antilles

South America

Flags in South America.

Flag of Aruba
Flag of Suriname