Dan By Signs

This article explores how to identify the Lost Tribe of Dan using signs. This done primarily through Jacob's blessing over Dan where he will judge his brothers.

Sign Based Identification

Perhaps the easiest way to identify Dan in modern nations is to use Jacob's pronouncement over Dan. Jacob said that Dan would be the judge of his brothers, playing on his name. Dan means judge. Here is the quote.

16"Dan will provide justice for his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Genesis 49:16-17 (Genesis 49:16 NIV)

This is fulfilled primarily through various courts located in the Netherlands. These courts are international in scope and the treaties behind these form Dan's international organization, the subject of another article.

These courts and various court related agencies within the Netherlands, fulfill the promise to Dan that he would be the judge of his brothers, the judge of nations.

No other nation judges other nations like the Netherlands, providing a unique identification of the Lost Tribe of Dan in the modern world. This agrees with the seal date identification given above.

International Court of Justice

Commonly called the World Court is a branch of the United Nations where disputes between nations are settled. This court is located at The Hague, Netherlands.

Peace Palace
Peace Palace
Home of World Court

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court prosecutes individuals accused of international crimes of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes.

ICC Photo
International Criminal Court Headquarters
Photo credit: Hypergio cc-by-sa-4.0

Trouble Taking Land

A second sign for identifying Dan comes from the location of Dan near the sea. Especially reclaiming land in the sea.

Dan had a great deal of difficulty taking his own land at the conquest of Canaan during the time of the Judges. The story unfolds that he eventually took a sea coast area near Tyre. See Judges 18 for the full story.

This tribe is one of the smallest of the European nations and that size reflects Dan's inability to conquer territory. It was easier to conquer the sea than it was to conquer the land.

Much of the land of the Netherlands is located below sea level, on land reclaimed from the ocean. Fighting the sea was easier than fighting neighbors.

This is another Ad Hoc prophetic match, and is identifying the Lost Tribe of Dan is the Netherlands.


The meaning of the modern national name of Denmark is "Dan's Mark." Some writings about lost tribes take Denmark as the lost tribe of Dan. This is an example of the problem of finding the tribes. A false sign.

Denmark is culturally affiliated with Scandinavia. It is more accurately identified as a part of the Lost Tribe of Reuben. Consider the modern flag, for example, which is patterned like the other Scandinavian flags.

Most likely, the territory of modern Denmark received its name while the tribe of Dan was moving through in ancient times. There is a trail of similarly named geographic features spreading back across Europe.

The Dnieper River and the Dniester River are examples.

The names of these rivers suggest they were originally named by the tribe of Dan as it was migrating through the area. This mildly supports the idea that place names were named after Dan at times in the past. So, Denmark could be similarly named.