Manasseh Map

This article deals with the map of Manasseh. This includes the United States itself, and current and former colonies.

Double Portion

Manasseh is the double portion heir of Jacob. In ancient times this was expressed with 2 portions of land, 1 each on either side of the Jordan.

In the modern world this is seen with the division between the Lower 48 and Alaska. Roughly 40 percent of the area of the USA is in Alaska. Like the ancient tribe of Manasseh it is divided by water from the rest of the tribe.

Extent of Manasseh

Map of Manasseh
Extent of Manasseh

The United States is a relatively recent nation, having been spun out of the empire builders of Europe. The territorial extent of the USA around the world is relatively limited.

North America

Flag of the United States
United States


Flag of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Flag of the United States Virgin Islands
US Virgin Islands


Flag of Liberia


Flag of South Korea
South Korea
Flag of Japan
Flag of Taiwan
Flag of Philippines



Flag of Northern Mariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
FLag of American Samoa
American Samoa