Manasseh By Seal Date

Using the Manasseh seal date, the Lost Tribe of Manasseh can be identified as The United States.

Seal Date Identification

This seal date provides the point in history where we should be looking for the ancient tribe of Manasseh to be signing a document, or doing something of a similar nature. The following is the report for the Manasseh specific date.

Manasseh's Seal Date
Sun12767-07-23 AA1 Dec 1776 NS20 Nov 2529 AUC4657223 AAN
3267-07-23 FE20 Nov 1776 OS20 Nov 1776 AD2370066 JDN

Most readers will recognize this as the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, starting the process of making the future USA into an independent country.

The Declaration of Independence was voted on in the Congress in August of 1776. This vote is celebrated each year on July 4th. The document itself was signed beginning in early August. 50 of the 56 eventual signers of this document put their signatures on the official copies in August.

Throughout the fall of 1776 the remaining signers added their signatures. Of the 56 final signatures on the document, 55 were of elected delegates, the 56th was of the secretary.

The date of the last signature appears lost to history, with no last signing date being given in any of the main references to this document.

In January of 1777 the Congress voted to have official copies of that document sent to each state, ending the period of signing and turning the document into a historical document.

The question, though, is what happened on 1 December, 1776?

The last normal signature went onto the declaration of independence several days before. This was signature 55, one of the prophetic numbers for the United States. A 56th signature would come later, but under a special authorization from Congress.

Second Date

Manasseh is the first born of Joseph who is the first born of Reuben who is the first born of Jacob.

Manasseh holds the double portion blessing because he is the first born heir of Jacob.

When Joseph is mentioned in the text, Joseph either indicates Manasseh and Ephraim paired, or Joseph indicates Ephraim independent of Manasseh. Context must be used to determine which.

Joseph as a tribe name is listed in the Revelation 7 passage that gives rise to the seal dates themselves. So the date for Joseph is easy enough to compute, the following is the report.

Joseph's Seal Date
Wed12932-01-23 AA12 Mar 1941 NS27 Feb 2694 AUC4717223 AAN
3432-01-23 FE27 Feb 1940 OS27 Feb 1941 AD2430066 JDN

But is this indicating Manasseh and Ephraim paired? Or Ephraim alone?

This date is the day the Lend Lease treaty was signed between the United States and the United Kingdom. This treaty provisioned the United Kingdom by the United State at the start of World War 2.

The treaty itself exchanged consumables, like oil, ammunition, and food from the USA for European national capital assets of combatants in Europe. Capital assets included gold, military bases and other items like ships. This treaty was written to support the UK, but allowed any other country to participate if they were fighting against the Axis powers.

This eventually transferred the British Empire's former military bases to the USA. It also transferred most of the world's gold to the USA. It set in place the post war era of the American empire.

In addition to confirming Manasseh again, this 2nd seal date is also identifying the United Kingdom as Ephraim, Manasseh's brother. So following the normal pattern Joseph in this list is indicating the brothers paired.

This sheds additional light back on the American Revolution. It is the birth of Manasseh as an independent country. But it is a spin off from Joseph, or more precisely Ephraim.

The Lost Tribe of Manasseh is the modern United States.