Simeon By Seal Date

Using the Simeon seal date, the Lost Tribe of Simeon can be identified as modern France and all affiliated countries. This article explores.

Seal Date Identification

Recall, seal dates are 12,000 days apart, in order, following the tribal list given in Revelation chapter 7. The following gives the date for Simeon on several different calendars.

Simeon's Seal Date
Tue12800-06-23 AA10 Oct 1809 NS28 Sep 2562 AUC4669223 AAN
3300-06-23 FE28 Sep 1809 OS28 Sep 1809 AD2382066 JDN

To find Simeon we look for a treaty or other national document signed by the particular lost tribe. In this case the treaty in question is signed 4 days later.

Treaty of Schönbrunn

The Treaty of Schönbrunn was signed between France and Austria on 14 October 1809. It was signed at Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna. It ended the Fifth Coalition, part of the Napoleonic Wars. Austria had been defeated by France at the Battle of Wagram on 6 July 1809, and this document ended the war.

An international treaty like this is between 2 different tribes. We have already identified Austria as the Lost Tribe of Asher. Here Asher is being defeated by France, so it is identifying France as Simeon.


This treaty is during the time of the reign of Napoleon (Napoleon I). He is perhaps the most famous leader of France.

His Napoleonic wars found the French Empire fighting against much of Europe, giving France dominion over much of Europe. These wars stretched from 1803 to 1815.

Napoleon Bonaparte himself had come to power in 1799. He became Emperor of the French in 1804, and reigned until 1815. He is one of the most well known leaders in world history.

France is identified as the lost tribe of Simeon by this seal date.