Zebulun By Seal Date

Using the Zebulun seal date, the lost tribe of Zebulun can be identified as the modern nation of Greece. This article explores.

Seal Date Identification

Each of the tribes listed in Revelation 7 signs a national document on or near a prophetic date. Those dates are 12,000 days apart. The following is the date for Zebulun:

Zebulun's Seal Date
Mon12899-03-23 AA4 May 1908 NS21 Apr 2661 AUC4705223 AAN
3399-03-23 FE21 Apr 1908 OS21 Apr 1908 AD2418066 JDN


Crete is a largest and most populous of the Greek islands. It sits about 99 miles south of the Greek mainland. It forms the south edge of the Aegean Sea. It sits at the south side of the group of islands that make up modern Greece.

Its population in 1908 was over 300,000 and mostly Greek speaking Christians. It had been under Ottoman occupation since the end of the Cretan War in 1669.

Greece itself had only gained independence from the Ottomans in the Greek War of Independence in 1829. But Crete was not part of that war and was left under Ottoman rule.

The people of Crete were in resurrection against the Ottomans from 1878, and were occupied by western powers in 1897. Western powers wanted Crete as an independent country, and they did not want it rejoined to Greece.

By February of 1907 a constitution for an independent Crete was proposed but on 12 October 1908 Cretan authorities declared unilateral union with Greece.

This declaration is 5 months after the theoretical seal date given in the report above. There may have been some internal document or discussion closer to the theoretical date. Local records or news papers would need to be found and checked.

That unilateral declaration marks the modern reconstruction of Greece as an independent country.


All was not well, though. The other party, the government of Greece in Athens, did not acknowledge the Crete declaration. The Greek government would not seat members of parliament from Crete nor accept this union until 1913, 5 years later. The Greek government did this in the run up to World War I, presumably wanting the resources of Crete for that looming war.

This seal date in 1908 marks the union between Greece and Crete into Greece. So the lost tribe of Zebulun is modern Greece.