This section surveys the various covenants. These become the basis for promises given to patriarchs and then passed by inheritance into the modern era and modern nations.

  • Introduction to Bible Covenants

    The Old Testament is often linked to the Old Covenant. This is a simplification of a complex topic. The Old Testament contains several covenants, some still binding now, some not. (716 words)

  • Abraham’s Covenants

    The Covenant God made with Abraham begins a series of covenants that impact all of world history even to modern times. The details of that covenant matter. This article tracks each promise leading to the covenant God made with Abraham. (1,538 words)

  • Isaac

    At Isaac generation no new items are added to Abraham's Covenant. It is, though confirmed as having passed to him. (347 words)

  • Jacob

    Jacob's generation sees no new items are added to Abraham's Covenant. It does, though, get confirmed. It also sees certain elaborating words, such as North, South, East and West and Community of Nations. (564 words)

  • Jacob's Sons Covenants

    Jacob fathers 12 sons. Those sons also participate in Abraham's covenant but they do not all claim the entire covenant. Certain pieces of the covenant move to certain sons. When we eventually do find each tribe, those tribes will be holding certain national components of Abraham's covenant. This article explores which promises land on which sons. (1,550 words)

  • Mosaic Or Sinai Covenant

    The Sinai covenant was far more extensive than the covenant God made with Abraham. At Sinai a formal priesthood, government and set of national laws were put in place. The potential for more material well being was introduced and some specific punishments for disobedience were included in the covenant. Those punishments dealt with time. (937 words)

  • Davidic Covenant

    The Davidic Covenant is curious because of the unconditional nature of the covenant. Almost nowhere in the Christian world does anyone hunt down the people currently holding the covenant. This is a shame since it helps unravel other mysteries of the Bible. (334 words)

  • Civil War in Rehoboam's Reign

    The civil war in Rehoboam's reign divided the kingdom in two. This was the result of breaking the Sinai Covenant. It also split apart the various holders of promises still binding on ancient Israel from Abraham's time. (1,174 words)

  • Seven Times Of Trouble

    The period of punishment began with the split of the ancient nation of Israel into two nations. That point is well known and is the start of a very specific period of 2550 years. That period lasted into the late 1500s. (596 words)