Seal Date Theory

Articles in this section deal with the chronological theory of the seal dates.

  • Using Seal Dates

    Revelation 7 reveals the process of finding each lost tribe of Israel. The number of days between document signings in each modern tribe is given as 12,000 days. This article explores. (2,290 words)

  • How the shape of a Seal sets the chronology

    Seals are placed in the middle of rolled scrolls. They naturally fall in the middle of any document. Converting a "seal" to time suggest each seal is in the middle of a 12,000 day period, with 6,000 days on either side. (1,117 words)

  • Psalms Confirmation

    So far, we have shown how the various seal dates spread across history, and we have hinted at how they will match to headlines that identify the Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel. Before going that far, we stop and look at an internal match between those Seal Dates and the Psalms. (1,918 words)

  • Documents

    So what remains of the seal date strategy is to go find the documents. These should be documents signed by modern nations, so treaties or laws, that mark them as lost tribes. This article names those documents. (675 words)