The stories of Elijah run the 13 tribes of Israel.


Tribe Story
Judah Predicts 3.5 years of no rain
1Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, "As the LORD, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word." 1 Kings 17:1 (1 Kings 17:1 NIV)

Judah has to do with looking forward or planning ahead. To say there won't be rain for three and a half years is within Judah's pattern.

Reuben Fed by ravens at the brook
2Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah: 3"Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan. 4You will drink from the brook, and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there." 1 Kings 17:2-45So he did what the LORD had told him. He went to the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan, and stayed there. 6The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook. 1 Kings 17:5-67Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land. 1 Kings 17:7-11 (1 Kings 17:2-7 NIV)

Reuben has a theme of secrets, privacy or intimacy. In this story Elijah has a hideout, a secret place, where ravens bring him food.

Gad Widow's bread
8Then the word of the LORD came to him: 9"Go at once to Zarephath of Sidon and stay there. I have commanded a widow in that place to supply you with food." 10So he went to Zarephath. When he came to the town gate, a widow was there gathering sticks. He called to her and asked, "Would you bring me a little water in a jar so I may have a drink?" 11As she was going to get it, he called, "And bring me, please, a piece of bread." 12"As surely as the LORD your God lives," she replied, "I don't have any bread -- only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. I am gathering a few sticks to take home and make a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it -- and die." 1 Kings 17:1213Elijah said to her, "Don't be afraid. Go home and do as you have said. But first make a small cake of bread for me from what you have and bring it to me, and then make something for yourself and your son. 14For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: `The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the LORD gives rain on the land.'" 1 Kings 17:13-1415She went away and did as Elijah had told her. So there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family. 16For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry, in keeping with the word of the LORD spoken by Elijah. 1 Kings 17:15-16 (1 Kings 17:8-16 NIV)

Elijah is sent to a far place, Sidon. Going is a Gad theme. Once there, Elijah is fed by a widow who does not run out of flour with which to make bread. Gad's item in the tent is the table of shewbread.

Asher Widow's oil

Oil goes with Asher, his item in the tent is the lamp stand. Here it's the widow's oil that does not run out all the time of the famine. That the one story intertwines the bread and oil, Gad and Asher, is normal. The two are sons of the same mother and share other places in the grid, such as the two clauses in the second commandment.

Naphtali Widow's son raised
17Some time later the son of the woman who owned the house became ill. He grew worse and worse, and finally stopped breathing. 18She said to Elijah, "What do you have against me, man of God? Did you come to remind me of my sin and kill my son?" 1 Kings 17:17-1819"Give me your son," Elijah replied. He took him from her arms, carried him to the upper room where he was staying, and laid him on his bed. 20Then he cried out to the LORD, "O LORD my God, have you brought tragedy also upon this widow I am staying with, by causing her son to die?" 21Then he stretched himself out on the boy three times and cried to the LORD, "O LORD my God, let this boy's life return to him!" 1 Kings 17:19-2122The LORD heard Elijah's cry, and the boy's life returned to him, and he lived. 23Elijah picked up the child and carried him down from the room into the house. He gave him to his mother and said, "Look, your son is alive!" 1 Kings 17:22-2324Then the woman said to Elijah, "Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the LORD from your mouth is the truth." 1 Kings 17:24 (1 Kings 17:17-24 NIV)

The story of raising the dead son goes with Naphtali in that it is a sign to the woman that Elijah is a prophet. Normally I would think resurrection relates to Manasseh, but here the point seems to be that the woman believes Elijah after this miracle because it was evidence or proof or a sense or label for something she otherwise could not know for sure (that he was a true prophet), which is a Naphtali concept. Along these lines, Naphtali's spiritual gift in First Corinthians 12 is miracles.

Manasseh Mt. Carmel
1After a long time, in the third year, the word of the LORD came to Elijah: "Go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the land." 2So Elijah went to present himself to Ahab. 1 Kings 18:1-2Now the famine was severe in Samaria, 3and Ahab had summoned Obadiah, who was in charge of his palace. (Obadiah was a devout believer in the LORD. 4While Jezebel was killing off the LORD's prophets, Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets and hidden them in two caves, fifty in each, and had supplied them with food and water.) 5Ahab had said to Obadiah, "Go through the land to all the springs and valleys. Maybe we can find some grass to keep the horses and mules alive so we will not have to kill any of our animals." 6So they divided the land they were to cover, Ahab going in one direction and Obadiah in another. 1 Kings 18:2-67As Obadiah was walking along, Elijah met him. Obadiah recognized him, bowed down to the ground, and said, "Is it really you, my lord Elijah?" 1 Kings 18:78"Yes," he replied. "Go tell your master, `Elijah is here.'" 1 Kings 18:89"What have I done wrong," asked Obadiah, "that you are handing your servant over to Ahab to be put to death? 10As surely as the LORD your God lives, there is not a nation or kingdom where my master has not sent someone to look for you. And whenever a nation or kingdom claimed you were not there, he made them swear they could not find you. 11But now you tell me to go to my master and say, `Elijah is here.' 12I don't know where the Spirit of the LORD may carry you when I leave you. If I go and tell Ahab and he doesn't find you, he will kill me. Yet I your servant have worshiped the LORD since my youth. 13Haven't you heard, my lord, what I did while Jezebel was killing the prophets of the LORD? I hid a hundred of the LORD's prophets in two caves, fifty in each, and supplied them with food and water. 14And now you tell me to go to my master and say, `Elijah is here.' He will kill me!" 1 Kings 18:9-1415Elijah said, "As the LORD Almighty lives, whom I serve, I will surely present myself to Ahab today." 1 Kings 18:1516So Obadiah went to meet Ahab and told him, and Ahab went to meet Elijah. 17When he saw Elijah, he said to him, "Is that you, you troubler of Israel?" 1 Kings 18:16-1718"I have not made trouble for Israel," Elijah replied. "But you and your father's family have. You have abandoned the LORD's commands and have followed the Baals. 19Now summon the people from all over Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel. And bring the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah, who eat at Jezebel's table." 1 Kings 18:18-1920So Ahab sent word throughout all Israel and assembled the prophets on Mount Carmel. 21Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him." 1 Kings 18:20-21But the people said nothing. 1 Kings 18:2122Then Elijah said to them, "I am the only one of the LORD's prophets left, but Baal has four hundred and fifty prophets. 23Get two bulls for us. Let them choose one for themselves, and let them cut it into pieces and put it on the wood but not set fire to it. I will prepare the other bull and put it on the wood but not set fire to it. 24Then you call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of the LORD. The god who answers by fire -- he is God." 1 Kings 18:22-24Then all the people said, "What you say is good." 1 Kings 18:2425Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, "Choose one of the bulls and prepare it first, since there are so many of you. Call on the name of your god, but do not light the fire." 26So they took the bull given them and prepared it. 1 Kings 18:25-26Then they called on the name of Baal from morning till noon. "O Baal, answer us!" they shouted. But there was no response; no one answered. And they danced around the altar they had made. 1 Kings 18:2627At noon Elijah began to taunt them. "Shout louder!" he said. "Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened." 28So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. 29Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention. 1 Kings 18:27-2930Then Elijah said to all the people, "Come here to me." They came to him, and he repaired the altar of the LORD, which was in ruins. 31Elijah took twelve stones, one for each of the tribes descended from Jacob, to whom the word of the LORD had come, saying, "Your name shall be Israel." 32With the stones he built an altar in the name of the LORD, and he dug a trench around it large enough to hold two seahs of seed. 33He arranged the wood, cut the bull into pieces and laid it on the wood. Then he said to them, "Fill four large jars with water and pour it on the offering and on the wood." 1 Kings 18:30-3334"Do it again," he said, and they did it again. 1 Kings 18:34"Do it a third time," he ordered, and they did it the third time. 35The water ran down around the altar and even filled the trench. 1 Kings 18:34-3536At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: "O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command. 37Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again." 1 Kings 18:36-3738Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench. 1 Kings 18:3839When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, "The LORD -- he is God! The LORD -- he is God!" 1 Kings 18:3940Then Elijah commanded them, "Seize the prophets of Baal. Don't let anyone get away!" They seized them, and Elijah had them brought down to the Kishon Valley and slaughtered there. 1 Kings 18:40 (1 Kings 18:1-40 NIV)

The burnt sacrifice on Mt. Carmel goes fine with Manasseh, whose item at the tabernacle is the altar of burnt offering. Also, the double 50 goes really well with Manasseh, the United States, the double portion holder. This too explains, in part, why there's so much text on this tribe.

Simeon Rain clouds
41And Elijah said to Ahab, "Go, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain." 42So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees. 1 Kings 18:41-4243"Go and look toward the sea," he told his servant. And he went up and looked. 1 Kings 18:43a"There is nothing there," he said. 1 Kings 18:43bSeven times Elijah said, "Go back." 1 Kings 18:43c44The seventh time the servant reported, "A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea." 1 Kings 18:44aSo Elijah said, "Go and tell Ahab, `Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.'" 1 Kings 18:44b45Meanwhile, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain came on and Ahab rode off to Jezreel. 46The power of the LORD came upon Elijah and, tucking his cloak into his belt, he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel. 1 Kings 18:45-46 (1 Kings 18:41-46 NIV)

Simeon's step on the day of atonements is the point where incense is used to make a cloud in the holy of holies. In this series Simeon aligns with the storm clouds that brought rain to break the famine. Also, counsel is a theme with Simeon. In this story Elijah advises Ahab to get down to low ground before the storm begins and everything turns muddy and becomes impassable.

Also, Elijah prayed seven times before the rain cloud came. Simeon is the seventh tribe. So on the seventh time we have a rain cloud, on Simeon we have a rain cloud. This little notation of "seven times" helps confirm the alignment, especially given the temptation to somehow move Manasseh back on the raising of the widow's son.

Levi Mt. Horeb
1Now Ahab told Jezebel everything Elijah had done and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. 2So Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah to say, "May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them." 1 Kings 19:1-23Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. When he came to Beersheba in Judah, he left his servant there, 4while he himself went a day's journey into the desert. He came to a broom tree, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. "I have had enough, LORD," he said. "Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors." 5Then he lay down under the tree and fell asleep. 1 Kings 19:3-5All at once an angel touched him and said, "Get up and eat." 6He looked around, and there by his head was a cake of bread baked over hot coals, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again. 1 Kings 19:5-67The angel of the LORD came back a second time and touched him and said, "Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you." 8So he got up and ate and drank. Strengthened by that food, he traveled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God. 9There he went into a cave and spent the night. 1 Kings 19:7-9And the word of the LORD came to him: "What are you doing here, Elijah?" 1 Kings 19:910He replied, "I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too." 1 Kings 19:1011The LORD said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by." 1 Kings 19:11Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. 12After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 13When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave. 1 Kings 19:11-13Then a voice said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" 1 Kings 19:1314He replied, "I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too." 1 Kings 19:1415The LORD said to him, "Go back the way you came, and go to the Desert of Damascus. When you get there, anoint Hazael king over Aram. 16Also, anoint Jehu son of Nimshi king over Israel, and anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from Abel Meholah to succeed you as prophet. 17Jehu will put to death any who escape the sword of Hazael, and Elisha will put to death any who escape the sword of Jehu. 18Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel -- all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him." 1 Kings 19:15-1819So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat. He was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen, and he himself was driving the twelfth pair. Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him. 20Elisha then left his oxen and ran after Elijah. "Let me kiss my father and mother good-by," he said, "and then I will come with you." 1 Kings 19:19-20"Go back," Elijah replied. "What have I done to you?" 1 Kings 19:2021So Elisha left him and went back. He took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them. He burned the plowing equipment to cook the meat and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he set out to follow Elijah and became his attendant. 1 Kings 19:21 (1 Kings 19:1-21 NIV)

Elijah goes to Mt. Horeb. Levi became Switzerland, with the Swiss Alps, so the idea of the mountain fits Levi. Elijah is also brought some food by an angel, which goes along with Levi as the one who receives the offerings for his service. Elisha comes on board to assist Elijah. This is like the Levites who assist the priests.

Issachar War with Aram
1Now Ben-Hadad king of Aram mustered his entire army. Accompanied by thirty-two kings with their horses and chariots, he went up and besieged Samaria and attacked it. 2He sent messengers into the city to Ahab king of Israel, saying, "This is what Ben-Hadad says: 3`Your silver and gold are mine, and the best of your wives and children are mine.'" 1 Kings 20:1-34The king of Israel answered, "Just as you say, my lord the king. I and all I have are yours." 1 Kings 20:45The messengers came again and said, "This is what Ben-Hadad says: `I sent to demand your silver and gold, your wives and your children. 6But about this time tomorrow I am going to send my officials to search your palace and the houses of your officials. They will seize everything you value and carry it away.'" 1 Kings 20:5-67The king of Israel summoned all the elders of the land and said to them, "See how this man is looking for trouble! When he sent for my wives and my children, my silver and my gold, I did not refuse him." 1 Kings 20:78The elders and the people all answered, "Don't listen to him or agree to his demands." 1 Kings 20:89So he replied to Ben-Hadad's messengers, "Tell my lord the king, `Your servant will do all you demanded the first time, but this demand I cannot meet.'" They left and took the answer back to Ben-Hadad. 1 Kings 20:910Then Ben-Hadad sent another message to Ahab: "May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if enough dust remains in Samaria to give each of my men a handful." 1 Kings 20:1011The king of Israel answered, "Tell him: `One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'" 1 Kings 20:1112Ben-Hadad heard this message while he and the kings were drinking in their tents, and he ordered his men: "Prepare to attack." So they prepared to attack the city. 1 Kings 20:1213Meanwhile a prophet came to Ahab king of Israel and announced, "This is what the LORD says: `Do you see this vast army? I will give it into your hand today, and then you will know that I am the LORD.'" 1 Kings 20:1314"But who will do this?" asked Ahab. 1 Kings 20:14aThe prophet replied, "This is what the LORD says: `The young officers of the provincial commanders will do it.'" 1 Kings 20:14b"And who will start the battle?" he asked. 1 Kings 20:14cThe prophet answered, "You will." 1 Kings 20:14d15So Ahab summoned the young officers of the provincial commanders, 232 men. Then he assembled the rest of the Israelites, 7,000 in all. 16They set out at noon while Ben-Hadad and the 32 kings allied with him were in their tents getting drunk. 17The young officers of the provincial commanders went out first. 1 Kings 20:15-17Now Ben-Hadad had dispatched scouts, who reported, "Men are advancing from Samaria." 1 Kings 20:1718He said, "If they have come out for peace, take them alive; if they have come out for war, take them alive." 1 Kings 20:1819The young officers of the provincial commanders marched out of the city with the army behind them 20and each one struck down his opponent. At that, the Arameans fled, with the Israelites in pursuit. But Ben-Hadad king of Aram escaped on horseback with some of his horsemen. 21The king of Israel advanced and overpowered the horses and chariots and inflicted heavy losses on the Arameans. 1 Kings 20:19-2122Afterward, the prophet came to the king of Israel and said, "Strengthen your position and see what must be done, because next spring the king of Aram will attack you again." 1 Kings 20:2223Meanwhile, the officials of the king of Aram advised him, "Their gods are gods of the hills. That is why they were too strong for us. But if we fight them on the plains, surely we will be stronger than they. 24Do this: Remove all the kings from their commands and replace them with other officers. 25You must also raise an army like the one you lost -- horse for horse and chariot for chariot -- so we can fight Israel on the plains. Then surely we will be stronger than they." He agreed with them and acted accordingly. 1 Kings 20:23-2526The next spring Ben-Hadad mustered the Arameans and went up to Aphek to fight against Israel. 27When the Israelites were also mustered and given provisions, they marched out to meet them. The Israelites camped opposite them like two small flocks of goats, while the Arameans covered the countryside. 1 Kings 20:26-2728The man of God came up and told the king of Israel, "This is what the LORD says: `Because the Arameans think the LORD is a god of the hills and not a god of the valleys, I will deliver this vast army into your hands, and you will know that I am the LORD.'" 1 Kings 20:2829For seven days they camped opposite each other, and on the seventh day the battle was joined. The Israelites inflicted a hundred thousand casualties on the Aramean foot soldiers in one day. 30The rest of them escaped to the city of Aphek, where the wall collapsed on twenty-seven thousand of them. And Ben-Hadad fled to the city and hid in an inner room. 1 Kings 20:29-3031His officials said to him, "Look, we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are merciful. Let us go to the king of Israel with sackcloth around our waists and ropes around our heads. Perhaps he will spare your life." 1 Kings 20:3132Wearing sackcloth around their waists and ropes around their heads, they went to the king of Israel and said, "Your servant Ben-Hadad says: `Please let me live.'" 1 Kings 20:32aThe king answered, "Is he still alive? He is my brother." 1 Kings 20:32b33The men took this as a good sign and were quick to pick up his word. "Yes, your brother Ben-Hadad!" they said. 1 Kings 20:33a"Go and get him," the king said. When Ben-Hadad came out, Ahab had him come up into his chariot. 1 Kings 20:33b34"I will return the cities my father took from your father," Ben-Hadad offered. "You may set up your own market areas in Damascus, as my father did in Samaria." 1 Kings 20:34aAhab said, "On the basis of a treaty I will set you free." So he made a treaty with him, and let him go. 1 Kings 20:34b35By the word of the LORD one of the sons of the prophets said to his companion, "Strike me with your weapon," but the man refused. 1 Kings 20:3536So the prophet said, "Because you have not obeyed the LORD, as soon as you leave me a lion will kill you." And after the man went away, a lion found him and killed him. 1 Kings 20:3637The prophet found another man and said, "Strike me, please." So the man struck him and wounded him. 38Then the prophet went and stood by the road waiting for the king. He disguised himself with his headband down over his eyes. 39As the king passed by, the prophet called out to him, "Your servant went into the thick of the battle, and someone came to me with a captive and said, `Guard this man. If he is missing, it will be your life for his life, or you must pay a talent of silver.' 40While your servant was busy here and there, the man disappeared." 1 Kings 20:37-40"That is your sentence," the king of Israel said. "You have pronounced it yourself." 1 Kings 20:4041Then the prophet quickly removed the headband from his eyes, and the king of Israel recognized him as one of the prophets. 42He said to the king, "This is what the LORD says: `You have set free a man I had determined should die. Therefore it is your life for his life, your people for his people.'" 43Sullen and angry, the king of Israel went to his palace in Samaria. 1 Kings 20:41-43 (1 Kings 20:1-43 NIV)

In this passage an unnamed prophet warns the king of Israel three different times about the plans of the opposing army. It's always been odd the way the narrative switches from amazing things happening with Elijah to this passage with similarly amazing prophetic events, but where the prophet is not named. A similar event happens later in Second Kings, on the Issachar step in Elisha's list, and we're told that unnamed prophet is Elisha. That means the unnamed prophet is this passage is Elijah. Why the lack of name or recognition exists here on an Issachar story is not clear to me, but may turn out to be a key insight into Issachar. Otherwise the theme may be that war is hard work, and Issachar is the tribe that best carries the idea of hard work or burdens.

The second part to this passage involves another prophet being struck by someone in order to go deliver a word to Ahab. In the list of elder prerequisites the idea of not being quick to strike goes with Issachar.

Zebulun Naboth's vineyard
1Some time later there was an incident involving a vineyard belonging to Naboth the Jezreelite. The vineyard was in Jezreel, close to the palace of Ahab king of Samaria. 2Ahab said to Naboth, "Let me have your vineyard to use for a vegetable garden, since it is close to my palace. In exchange I will give you a better vineyard or, if you prefer, I will pay you whatever it is worth." 1 Kings 21:1-23But Naboth replied, "The LORD forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers." 1 Kings 21:34So Ahab went home, sullen and angry because Naboth the Jezreelite had said, "I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers." He lay on his bed sulking and refused to eat. 1 Kings 21:45His wife Jezebel came in and asked him, "Why are you so sullen? Why won't you eat?" 1 Kings 21:56He answered her, "Because I said to Naboth the Jezreelite, `Sell me your vineyard; or if you prefer, I will give you another vineyard in its place.' But he said, `I will not give you my vineyard.'" 1 Kings 21:67Jezebel his wife said, "Is this how you act as king over Israel? Get up and eat! Cheer up. I'll get you the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite." 1 Kings 21:78So she wrote letters in Ahab's name, placed his seal on them, and sent them to the elders and nobles who lived in Naboth's city with him. 9In those letters she wrote: "Proclaim a day of fasting and seat Naboth in a prominent place among the people. 10But seat two scoundrels opposite him and have them testify that he has cursed both God and the king. Then take him out and stone him to death." 1 Kings 21:8-1011So the elders and nobles who lived in Naboth's city did as Jezebel directed in the letters she had written to them. 12They proclaimed a fast and seated Naboth in a prominent place among the people. 13Then two scoundrels came and sat opposite him and brought charges against Naboth before the people, saying, "Naboth has cursed both God and the king." So they took him outside the city and stoned him to death. 14Then they sent word to Jezebel: "Naboth has been stoned and is dead." 1 Kings 21:11-1415As soon as Jezebel heard that Naboth had been stoned to death, she said to Ahab, "Get up and take possession of the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite that he refused to sell you. He is no longer alive, but dead." 16When Ahab heard that Naboth was dead, he got up and went down to take possession of Naboth's vineyard. 1 Kings 21:15-1617Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite: 18"Go down to meet Ahab king of Israel, who rules in Samaria. He is now in Naboth's vineyard, where he has gone to take possession of it. 19Say to him, `This is what the LORD says: Have you not murdered a man and seized his property?' Then say to him, `This is what the LORD says: In the place where dogs licked up Naboth's blood, dogs will lick up your blood -- yes, yours!'" 1 Kings 21:17-1920Ahab said to Elijah, "So you have found me, my enemy!" 1 Kings 21:20"I have found you," he answered, "because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the LORD. 21`I am going to bring disaster on you. I will consume your descendants and cut off from Ahab every last male in Israel -- slave or free. 22I will make your house like that of Jeroboam son of Nebat and that of Baasha son of Ahijah, because you have provoked me to anger and have caused Israel to sin.' 1 Kings 21:20-2223"And also concerning Jezebel the LORD says: `Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.' 1 Kings 21:2324"Dogs will eat those belonging to Ahab who die in the city, and the birds of the air will feed on those who die in the country." 1 Kings 21:2425(There was never a man like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the LORD, urged on by Jezebel his wife. 26He behaved in the vilest manner by going after idols, like the Amorites the LORD drove out before Israel.) 1 Kings 21:25-2627When Ahab heard these words, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and fasted. He lay in sackcloth and went around meekly. 1 Kings 21:2728Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite: 29"Have you noticed how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son." 1 Kings 21:28-29 (1 Kings 21:1-29 NIV)

Stealing inheritance.

Joseph Lying spirit
1For three years there was no war between Aram and Israel. 2But in the third year Jehoshaphat king of Judah went down to see the king of Israel. 3The king of Israel had said to his officials, "Don't you know that Ramoth Gilead belongs to us and yet we are doing nothing to retake it from the king of Aram?" 1 Kings 22:1-34So he asked Jehoshaphat, "Will you go with me to fight against Ramoth Gilead?" 1 Kings 22:4Jehoshaphat replied to the king of Israel, "I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses as your horses." 5But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, "First seek the counsel of the LORD." 1 Kings 22:4-56So the king of Israel brought together the prophets -- about four hundred men -- and asked them, "Shall I go to war against Ramoth Gilead, or shall I refrain?" 1 Kings 22:6a"Go," they answered, "for the Lord will give it into the king's hand." 1 Kings 22:6b7But Jehoshaphat asked, "Is there not a prophet of the LORD here whom we can inquire of?" 1 Kings 22:78The king of Israel answered Jehoshaphat, "There is still one man through whom we can inquire of the LORD, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad. He is Micaiah son of Imlah." 1 Kings 22:8a"The king should not say that," Jehoshaphat replied. 1 Kings 22:8b9So the king of Israel called one of his officials and said, "Bring Micaiah son of Imlah at once." 1 Kings 22:910Dressed in their royal robes, the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat king of Judah were sitting on their thrones at the threshing floor by the entrance of the gate of Samaria, with all the prophets prophesying before them. 11Now Zedekiah son of Kenaanah had made iron horns and he declared, "This is what the LORD says: `With these you will gore the Arameans until they are destroyed.'" 1 Kings 22:10-1112All the other prophets were prophesying the same thing. "Attack Ramoth Gilead and be victorious," they said, "for the LORD will give it into the king's hand." 1 Kings 22:1213The messenger who had gone to summon Micaiah said to him, "Look, as one man the other prophets are predicting success for the king. Let your word agree with theirs, and speak favorably." 1 Kings 22:1314But Micaiah said, "As surely as the LORD lives, I can tell him only what the LORD tells me." 1 Kings 22:1415When he arrived, the king asked him, "Micaiah, shall we go to war against Ramoth Gilead, or shall I refrain?" 1 Kings 22:15a"Attack and be victorious," he answered, "for the LORD will give it into the king's hand." 1 Kings 22:15b16The king said to him, "How many times must I make you swear to tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the LORD?" 1 Kings 22:1617Then Micaiah answered, "I saw all Israel scattered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd, and the LORD said, `These people have no master. Let each one go home in peace.'" 1 Kings 22:1718The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, "Didn't I tell you that he never prophesies anything good about me, but only bad?" 1 Kings 22:1819Micaiah continued, "Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne with all the host of heaven standing around him on his right and on his left. 20And the LORD said, `Who will entice Ahab into attacking Ramoth Gilead and going to his death there?' 1 Kings 22:19-20"One suggested this, and another that. 21Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the LORD and said, `I will entice him.' 1 Kings 22:20-2122"`By what means?' the LORD asked. 1 Kings 22:22a"`I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,' he said. 1 Kings 22:22b"`You will succeed in enticing him,' said the LORD. `Go and do it.' 1 Kings 22:22c23"So now the LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The LORD has decreed disaster for you." 1 Kings 22:2324Then Zedekiah son of Kenaanah went up and slapped Micaiah in the face. "Which way did the spirit from the LORD go when he went from me to speak to you?" he asked. 1 Kings 22:2425Micaiah replied, "You will find out on the day you go to hide in an inner room." 1 Kings 22:2526The king of Israel then ordered, "Take Micaiah and send him back to Amon the ruler of the city and to Joash the king's son 27and say, `This is what the king says: Put this fellow in prison and give him nothing but bread and water until I return safely.'" 1 Kings 22:26-2728Micaiah declared, "If you ever return safely, the LORD has not spoken through me." Then he added, "Mark my words, all you people!" 1 Kings 22:2829So the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat king of Judah went up to Ramoth Gilead. 30The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, "I will enter the battle in disguise, but you wear your royal robes." So the king of Israel disguised himself and went into battle. 1 Kings 22:29-3031Now the king of Aram had ordered his thirty-two chariot commanders, "Do not fight with anyone, small or great, except the king of Israel." 32When the chariot commanders saw Jehoshaphat, they thought, "Surely this is the king of Israel." So they turned to attack him, but when Jehoshaphat cried out, 33the chariot commanders saw that he was not the king of Israel and stopped pursuing him. 1 Kings 22:31-3334But someone drew his bow at random and hit the king of Israel between the sections of his armor. The king told his chariot driver, "Wheel around and get me out of the fighting. I've been wounded." 35All day long the battle raged, and the king was propped up in his chariot facing the Arameans. The blood from his wound ran onto the floor of the chariot, and that evening he died. 36As the sun was setting, a cry spread through the army: "Every man to his town; everyone to his land!" 1 Kings 22:34-3637So the king died and was brought to Samaria, and they buried him there. 38They washed the chariot at a pool in Samaria (where the prostitutes bathed), and the dogs licked up his blood, as the word of the LORD had declared. 1 Kings 22:37-3839As for the other events of Ahab's reign, including all he did, the palace he built and inlaid with ivory, and the cities he fortified, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel? 40Ahab rested with his fathers. And Ahaziah his son succeeded him as king. 1 Kings 22:39-4041Jehoshaphat son of Asa became king of Judah in the fourth year of Ahab king of Israel. 42Jehoshaphat was thirty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem twenty-five years. His mother's name was Azubah daughter of Shilhi. 43In everything he walked in the ways of his father Asa and did not stray from them; he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD. The high places, however, were not removed, and the people continued to offer sacrifices and burn incense there. 44Jehoshaphat was also at peace with the king of Israel. 1 Kings 22:41-4445As for the other events of Jehoshaphat's reign, the things he achieved and his military exploits, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah? 46He rid the land of the rest of the male shrine prostitutes who remained there even after the reign of his father Asa. 47There was then no king in Edom; a deputy ruled. 1 Kings 22:45-4748Now Jehoshaphat built a fleet of trading ships to go to Ophir for gold, but they never set sail -- they were wrecked at Ezion Geber. 49At that time Ahaziah son of Ahab said to Jehoshaphat, "Let my men sail with your men," but Jehoshaphat refused. 1 Kings 22:48-4950Then Jehoshaphat rested with his fathers and was buried with them in the city of David his father. And Jehoram his son succeeded him. 1 Kings 22:5051Ahaziah son of Ahab became king of Israel in Samaria in the seventeenth year of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, and he reigned over Israel two years. 52He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, because he walked in the ways of his father and mother and in the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin. 53He served and worshiped Baal and provoked the LORD, the God of Israel, to anger, just as his father had done. 1 Kings 22:51-53 (1 Kings 22:1-53 NIV)
Benjamin Consulting Lord Zebub
1After Ahab's death, Moab rebelled against Israel. 2Now Ahaziah had fallen through the lattice of his upper room in Samaria and injured himself. So he sent messengers, saying to them, "Go and consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron, to see if I will recover from this injury." 2 Kings 1:1-23But the angel of the LORD said to Elijah the Tishbite, "Go up and meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and ask them, `Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron?' 4Therefore this is what the LORD says: `You will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!'" So Elijah went. 2 Kings 1:3-45When the messengers returned to the king, he asked them, "Why have you come back?" 2 Kings 1:56"A man came to meet us," they replied. "And he said to us, `Go back to the king who sent you and tell him, "This is what the LORD says: Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are sending men to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Therefore you will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!"'" 2 Kings 1:67The king asked them, "What kind of man was it who came to meet you and told you this?" 2 Kings 1:78They replied, "He was a man with a garment of hair and with a leather belt around his waist." 2 Kings 1:8aThe king said, "That was Elijah the Tishbite." 2 Kings 1:8b9Then he sent to Elijah a captain with his company of fifty men. The captain went up to Elijah, who was sitting on the top of a hill, and said to him, "Man of God, the king says, `Come down!'" 2 Kings 1:910Elijah answered the captain, "If I am a man of God, may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then fire fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his men. 2 Kings 1:1011At this the king sent to Elijah another captain with his fifty men. The captain said to him, "Man of God, this is what the king says, `Come down at once!'" 2 Kings 1:1112"If I am a man of God," Elijah replied, "may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then the fire of God fell from heaven and consumed him and his fifty men. 2 Kings 1:1213So the king sent a third captain with his fifty men. This third captain went up and fell on his knees before Elijah. "Man of God," he begged, "please have respect for my life and the lives of these fifty men, your servants! 14See, fire has fallen from heaven and consumed the first two captains and all their men. But now have respect for my life!" 2 Kings 1:13-1415The angel of the LORD said to Elijah, "Go down with him; do not be afraid of him." So Elijah got up and went down with him to the king. 2 Kings 1:1516He told the king, "This is what the LORD says: Is it because there is no God in Israel for you to consult that you have sent messengers to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Because you have done this, you will never leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!" 17So he died, according to the word of the LORD that Elijah had spoken. 2 Kings 1:16-17Because Ahaziah had no son, Joram succeeded him as king in the second year of Jehoram son of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. 18As for all the other events of Ahaziah's reign, and what he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel? 2 Kings 1:17-18 (2 Kings 1:1-18 NIV)
Dan Parting the Jordan
1When the LORD was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha were on their way from Gilgal. 2Elijah said to Elisha, "Stay here; the LORD has sent me to Bethel." 2 Kings 2:1-2But Elisha said, "As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you." So they went down to Bethel. 2 Kings 2:23The company of the prophets at Bethel came out to Elisha and asked, "Do you know that the LORD is going to take your master from you today?" 2 Kings 2:3a"Yes, I know," Elisha replied, "but do not speak of it." 2 Kings 2:3b4Then Elijah said to him, "Stay here, Elisha; the LORD has sent me to Jericho." 2 Kings 2:4aAnd he replied, "As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you." So they went to Jericho. 2 Kings 2:4b5The company of the prophets at Jericho went up to Elisha and asked him, "Do you know that the LORD is going to take your master from you today?" 2 Kings 2:5a"Yes, I know," he replied, "but do not speak of it." 2 Kings 2:5b6Then Elijah said to him, "Stay here; the LORD has sent me to the Jordan." 2 Kings 2:6aAnd he replied, "As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you." So the two of them walked on. 2 Kings 2:6b7Fifty men of the company of the prophets went and stood at a distance, facing the place where Elijah and Elisha had stopped at the Jordan. 8Elijah took his cloak, rolled it up and struck the water with it. The water divided to the right and to the left, and the two of them crossed over on dry ground. 2 Kings 2:7-89When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, "Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?" 2 Kings 2:9a"Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit," Elisha replied. 2 Kings 2:9b10"You have asked a difficult thing," Elijah said, "yet if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours -- otherwise not." 2 Kings 2:1011As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind. 12Elisha saw this and cried out, "My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!" And Elisha saw him no more. Then he took hold of his own clothes and tore them apart. 2 Kings 2:11-1213He picked up the cloak that had fallen from Elijah and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan. 14Then he took the cloak that had fallen from him and struck the water with it. "Where now is the LORD, the God of Elijah?" he asked. When he struck the water, it divided to the right and to the left, and he crossed over. 2 Kings 2:13-14 (2 Kings 2:1-14 NIV)

Parting the water, like happened in Dan's plague on Egypt, is a good Dan theme. Also, the mantle fits Dan well since his tabernacle item is the robe worn by the high priest.