Seven Times Of Trouble

The period of punishment began with the split of the ancient nation of Israel into two nations. That point is well known and is the start of a very specific period of 2550 years. That period lasted into the late 1500s.


The historical chronology of the Bible is developed in the History section of the Bible Time website. Civil war in ancient Israel lasted through the first 3 years of Rehoboam's reign. At that point the priests in the northern Kingdom of ancient Israel stopped supporting Rehoboam as king.[1] That story can be used to identify the first year after civil war in ancient Israel as the year 10020 AA.

We have no specific directions as to the specific date within that year when the Priests ended their support for Rehoboam. As a general pattern these events seems to be marked at the Passover as this is when the nation is first assembled in any given year. The situation of the nation at Passover is what the Bible seems to be recording whenever it is clocking off full years. As a theoretical start point, then, we use the Passover date in the first month of Rehoboam's 4th year. The following date report shows that date:

First day of first year after Solomon's Civil War
Sun10020-01-14 AA9 Sep -968 NS19 Nov 290 BAUC3654914 AAN
520-01-14 FE18 Sep -968 OS19 Nov 1043 BC1367757 JDN

End Of The Seven Times Period

There are times when a long distance time interval has an ambiguous number of dates. The best example is the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. In that case the variation in the number of dates mattered to the story.

When the indicated number of years is an even multiple of 50 years there is no possible difference in the count of days since the calendar's period is 50 years. So, in this case, the indicated end is exactly 2550 years later, at the same day of the year. The following is the date report for the date at the end of that period:

First day of first year after Leviticus 26 Period
Wed12570-01-14 AA8 Aug 1579 NS29 Jul 2332 AUC4585154 AAN
3070-01-14 FE29 Jul 1579 OS29 Jul 1579 AD2297997 JDN

Of course we've been doing all our math on the Bible's calendar, the left set of dates in the table above. The color changes in the previous report to indicate that we shifted from the period in history where the calendar was recorded on the Bible's calendar, to the point in history after the use of that calendar. At the indicated date in 1579 OS, then, the period of punishment is up.

Since we are left without any specific references as to when in the year we were to start counting time we used the standard Passover date. When we finally find what we're looking for we'll find the actual date to be 70 days later. But, what exactly are we looking for? We cover that in the next article.

1. 2 Chronicles 38:17