So what remains of the seal date strategy is to go find the documents. These should be documents signed by modern nations, so treaties or laws, that mark them as lost tribes. This article names those documents.

The Dates

The following table shows the same seal dates using only their common calendar date, then the treaty and the modern nation.

Note, the date format convention used in this website is to indicate the calendar after all dates. NS is short for the 'New Style' Gregorian Calendar. OS is short for the 'Old Style' Julian Calendar.

These NS and OS terms are conventionally used in documents that must handle both calendar systems. Though conventional, this may be unfamiliar to many readers. In the following table note the change in calendar in use at the time.

DayDateDocumentModern Nation
0 6 Oct 1579 OS Union of Utrecht Netherlands
12,000 13 Aug 1612 OS Letter/Zemsky Sobor Russia
24,000 21 Jun 1645 OS Treaty of Brömsebro Sweden
36,000 29 Apr 1678 OS Treaty of Nijmegen Spain
48,000 7 Mar 1710 OS Treaty of Szatmár Austria/Hungary
60,000 13 Jan 1743 OS Treaty of Breslau/Treaty of Berlin Germany
72,000 1 Dec 1776 NS US Declaration of Independence United States
84,000 10 Oct 1809 NS Treaty of Schönbrunn France
96,000 18 Aug 1842 NS Treaty of Nanking Switzerland
108,000 26 Jun 1875 NS Tax Revolt then Treaty of Berlin in 1878 Yugoslavia
120,000 4 May 1908 NS Crete unilateral union with Greece Greece
132,000 12 Mar 1941 NS Lend Lease Treaty US/UK
144,000 18 Jan 1974 NS Disengagement of Forces Agreement Israel

Treaty of Nanking The most precise treaty aligning with the Levite seal date is the Treat of Nanking. This document setup 5 city states in China, including Hong Kong.

I have listed this above because Levi is recorded as a series of city states across ancient Israel. The European tribe is still Switzerland, but it indicates that all city states around the world should be seen as parts of distributed Levi.

Washington DC is an example of such a place within the United States itself. Vatican City is another example.

This table of documents is what provides the base map from tribes to nations.

All Nations

From this table you can begin to see that this must also extend to all other nations on earth. Just as the Assyrian invasion of ancient Canaan caused the tribal refugees to spread into Europe, so too did the Europeans spread out across the rest of the globe.

All nations now have literacy, legal environments, educational systems and other aspects of modern civilization as a result of these core nations spread out during the colonial era.

This is how Abraham's descendants became heirs of the world. This how everyone is adopted into Abraham's family.