How the shape of a Seal sets the chronology

Seals are placed in the middle of rolled scrolls. They naturally fall in the middle of any document. Converting a "seal" to time suggest each seal is in the middle of a 12,000 day period, with 6,000 days on either side.


Seals are usually placed in the middle of a document, not at the ends. The model we've developed so far suggests a start date from which a series of 12,000 day intervals are measured, at the end of those intervals we find a seal. The last such date was January 18, 1974, when the Israelis and Egyptians signed off the documentation that ended their fighting and reopened the Suez Canal.

How does the natural shape suggested by the placement of a seal on a scroll impact this story?

Each seal, and the associated Seal Date, must be in the middle of a seal related period. Without any other intervals in the story we must assume each Seal sits in the middle of a 12,000 day period.

This does not change the placement of the seals, nor their dates, but it does suggest that each seal date is surrounded with 6000 days on either side. The January 18, 1974 Benjamin Seal Date is in the middle of a 12,000 day period. This halo effect can be checked against headlines by computing the end of a 6000 day period from January 18, 1974.

The following report is limited just to the last seal, Benjamin's Seal, and shows the dates suggested by placing that seal in the middle of a 12,000 day window. One other transformation is done in the following table. Since 12,000 is an even number no specific day falls in the middle. Any specific center is either an insignificant period between two days, or two days. So the following chart shows the likely two days in the middle of the 6000 day window. This is an auditable report and it begins the with first day in the 12,000 day period, the middle two days, at the seal, and then it finishes with the last day in the 12,000 day period.

Benjamin's Seal Date +/- 6000 days
Early Edge of the parchment
Fri12948-07-24 AA16 Aug 1957 NS3 Aug 2710 AUC4723224 AAN
3448-07-24 FE3 Aug 1957 OS3 Aug 1957 AD2436067 JDN
Seal Date in Center
Fri12964-12-23 AA18 Jan 1974 NS5 Jan 2727 AUC4729223 AAN
3464-12-23 FE5 Jan 1973 OS5 Jan 1974 AD2442066 JDN
Late Edge of the parchment
Sat12981-05-23 AA23 Jun 1990 NS10 Jun 2743 AUC4735223 AAN
3481-05-23 FE10 Jun 1990 OS10 Jun 1990 AD2448066 JDN

This report is also interesting because it is the last Seal Date suggested by the 144,000 days of Revelation 7. That chapter also indicates that there was some specific things to happen after all of the sealing was finished. The following is Revelation 7's text on the matter:

3"Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God." (Revelation 7:3 NIV)

3Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. (Revelation 7:3 KJV)

3He said, Do no harm to the land nor to the sea nor to the trees until we have sealed the servants of god on their brows. (Revelation 7:3 BRB)

The report above is given the last day before the angels are free to harm. Headlines at that point were not paying attention to oil quota negotiations going on between Iraq and Iran. These were not particularly interesting headlines, but 40 days later the world was surprised. The following is the 40th day from the last seal date:

40 days from last seal date
Thu12981-07-03 AA2 Aug 1990 NS20 Jul 2743 AUC4735263 AAN
3481-07-03 FE20 Jul 1990 OS20 Jul 1990 AD2448106 JDN

This date is the day Iraq invaded Kuwait triggering the Persian Gulf War. That war was the start of the wars at the end of the age following closely the repeating day-accurate chronology of Noah's flood.

Making Room for Dan

The shape of the Seal Dates, with 6000 day windows surrounding each seal date leaves an opening at the start of the 144,000 days. The first day in the period of 144,000 days is the date when the period of Punishment on ancient Israel came to an end. The following is the date in question:

Punishment Ends Date
Tue12570-03-23 AA16 Oct 1579 NS6 Oct 2332 AUC4585223 AAN
3070-03-23 FE6 Oct 1579 OS6 Oct 1579 AD2298066 JDN

This starting point for this period past punishment is not covered by any other seal. The nearest seal, the first one mentioned by the list in Revelation 7 is Judah's seal. That seal sits with a 6000 day period on either side, but Judah's seal does not cover, nor even reach back to that earlier date. The following is Judah's Seal Date:

Judah's Seal Date +/- 6000 days
Early edge of the parchment
Wed12586-08-23 AA20 Mar 1596 NS10 Mar 2349 AUC4591223 AAN
3086-08-23 FE10 Mar 1595 OS10 Mar 1596 AD2304066 JDN
Seal Date of Judah, in center of 12000 day period
Thu12603-01-23 AA23 Aug 1612 NS13 Aug 2365 AUC4597223 AAN
3103-01-23 FE13 Aug 1612 OS13 Aug 1612 AD2310066 JDN
Late edge of the parchment
Fri12619-07-23 AA26 Jan 1629 NS16 Jan 2382 AUC4603223 AAN
3119-07-23 FE16 Jan 1628 OS16 Jan 1629 AD2316066 JDN

This opening leaves room for another seal. Any seal that sits at this point must be for some tribe not mentioned in the sealing list, so it must be for Dan. It must land on the epoch date and then run up and touch the first date in Judah's seal. That seal simply sits 144,000 days before Benjamin's seal and is the placement of Dan's seal. The following is the individual date report for that Seal:

Dan's Seal Date +/- 6000 days
Early edge of parchment
Mon12553-09-23 AA13 May 1563 NS3 May 2316 AUC4579223 AAN
3053-09-23 FE3 May 1563 OS3 May 1563 AD2292066 JDN
Dan's Seal Date in the center
Tue12570-03-23 AA16 Oct 1579 NS6 Oct 2332 AUC4585223 AAN
3070-03-23 FE6 Oct 1579 OS6 Oct 1579 AD2298066 JDN
Late edge of parchment
Wed12586-08-23 AA20 Mar 1596 NS10 Mar 2349 AUC4591223 AAN
3086-08-23 FE10 Mar 1595 OS10 Mar 1596 AD2304066 JDN


We haven't given the detail seal dates for each tribe. We'll do that as we look at the headlines that map from those dates. What we have done here is shown the math surrounding the various Seal Dates from Revelation chapter 7.

The standard shape of a Seal in the middle of a scroll document suggests that each seal date in history is surrounded by a 6000 day buffer. We showed that the buffer around Benjamin's seal pointed directly at the Persian Gulf War. We also showed how the use of such buffers make room for the tribe of Dan, said to be sealed with his brothers but not listed in the enumeration later in the chapter. That seal date simply starts at the "zeroth" position at the start of the list.

What remains is to identify each modern nation that maps from these various tribal dates. The task we turn to in the following articles.